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Main Clean Energy

End-to-End BESS & EV Code Compliance

Power-Packed Solutions:
Unleash the full potential of your energy storage project with our dynamic range of services.

M CLEAN Energy group offers a cutting-edge suite of services including Operational Modeling, Title 24 (UL 9540) compliance, Start-Up/Commissioning, Fire Suppression, Value Engineering, Project Estimates, and On-Site Logistic Solutions.

Power-Packed Solutions:

Operational Modeling

Optimize your battery storage system's performance through advanced modeling techniques. We analyze load profiles, energy demand, and storage capacity to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Title 24 (UL 9540) Compliance

Ensure regulatory compliance for your energy storage installation. We navigate legal frameworks and meet Title 24 (UL 9540) or other regulatory standards to streamline approvals.


Seamlessly transition from installation to operation with thorough testing, verification, and commissioning activities. We guarantee optimal functionality and safety.

Fire Suppression

Protect your battery storage facility with industry-leading fire suppression systems and protocols. Our solutions adhere to the highest safety standards.

Value Engineering

Optimize your battery storage solution for cost-effectiveness. We analyze requirements, recommend strategies, and deliver long-term value.

Project Estimates

Make informed decisions with accurate estimates covering equipment, installation/commissioning, software, and maintenance/warranty. Our estimates help you plan and budget effectively.

On-Site Logistic Solutions

Streamline delivery, storage, and installation with our on-site logistic solutions. We ensure efficient coordination and timely project execution.